Finished theses

Aksel Nielsen Design and Characterization of Probe and Control laser system for experiment with ultracold Ytterbium Rydberg atoms Master 06/2019
Philipp Lunt Design and Construction of a New Ultracold Ytterbium Experiment for Rydberg Physics Master 01/2019
Nina Stiesdal Intrinsic three photon correlations mediated by a single Rydberg Superatom Master 6/2018
Holger Ribergaard Heebøll Review of Electromagnetically Induced Transparency using the Density Operator and Quantum Field Theory picture Bachelor 12/2017
Ivan Mirgorodskiy Storage and propagation of Rydberg polaritons in a cold atomic medium PhD thesis 10/2017
Christoph Braun Free-space Quantum Electrodynamics with a single Rydberg superatom Master 10/2017
Florian Christaller Construction and setup of a 3rd generation Rydberg Quantum Optics experiment Master 10/2017
Christoph Tresp Rydberg polaritons and Rydberg superatoms – novel tools for quantum nonlinear optics PhD thesis 02/2017
Hannes Gorniaczyk Single photon transistor mediated by electrically tunable Rydberg-Rydberg interactions PhD thesis 12/2016
Marian Rockenhauser A setup for heterodyne single-photon phase shift detection Bachelor 08/2016
Christian Zimmer Single-photon gates mediated by single-blockade-sized Rydberg medium Master 05/2016
Christoph Braun Implementation of a Raman Sideband Cooling for 87Rb Bachelor 10/2015
Thomas Dieterle Characterization of a single ion detector in a Rydberg experiment Bachelor 10/2015
Johannes Schmidt Generation of non-classical light using ultra-cold Rydberg ensembles Master 10/2014
Sebastian Weber Excitonic energy transfer with long-range interactions Bachelor 09/2013
Fabian Böttcher Detection of Few-Photon Pulses for a Rydberg Quantum Optics Experiment Bachelor 08/2013
Felix Engel Entwicklung eines FPGA basierten Pulsgenerators mit Nanosekunden-Auflösung für schnelle Rydberg-Experimente Bachelor 08/2013
Christoph Tresp A Setup for Highly Precise Excitation and Detection of Rydberg Atoms Master 10/2012
Robin Wanke Design and setup of an intensity and polarization stabilization system for diode lasers Bachelor 08/2012
Udo Hermann A nanosecond-resolution computer control system for deterministic excitation of Rydberg superatoms Bachelor 07/2012
Wolfgang Voesch Setup of a distributed feedback laser for a Rb magneto-optical trap Bachelor 07/2012