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First glow of Ytterbium

We just observed the first fluorescence of Yb in the vacuum chamber of our new experiment: the fuzzy white line in the photo is caused by hot Yb atoms scattering light from a 399nm beam.  Now that we know that there is Yb vapor in our chamber, we will proceed to laser-cooling these atoms with multiple beams.

Lab construction coming to an end

After almost two months of downtown with a completely wrapped up experiment we are looking a lot forward to return to our lab – and to move in to the two neighboring rooms, which will be lab-space for our new experimental setup, where we will work with ytterbium.

Some final work is still needed before the Great Day of Unwrapping, but it is indeed drawing near.

Some pictures of the wrapped experiment can be found here.

A photon from the empty lab before the new ceiling was put in. The wrapped experiment has been decorated with a bow, and we look forward to unpacking it!

Back in business

Within 6 months, we have rebuilt our Rydberg apparatus from scratch in our new lab. What was a completely empty room in early April is now the coolest place (2 μK) at SDU. We are currently putting the last touches on our Rydberg excitation system, then we are ready to go! You can see some pictures from the new lab and of the first steps towards single-photon interaction at SDU here.

First MOT in our setup

We have trapped the first Rubidium atoms in a magneto-optical trap in our new setup. The black & white image shows the fluorescence from the trapped atoms. The photo shows the optics and magnetic field generating coils required for this trap.MOT2PICT2431